Cure For Piles-Natural Hemorrhoid Cures

Hemorrhoids and Colon Cancer

Hemorrhoids won’t give you colon cancer. They are not even a sign of colon cancer. However, colon cancer symptoms can lead to hemorrhoids. For example, the presence of a tumour can block the flow of stool and lead to constipation. Straining to defecate while constipated can lead to hemorrhoids.

Colorectal cancer symptoms can also be masked by hemorrhoids. Bright red blood in or on your poop may be caused by the presence of a rectal tumor. Someone who’s accustomed to bleeding hemorrhoids may overlook the warning sign. If you have hemorrhoids, please be sure and talk to your doctor about colon cancer screening.

If you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids and you would like to be free of this dreadful medical condition, you can use natural home hemorrhoid remedies to cure your problem for good.