Cure For Piles-Natural Hemorrhoid Cures

Should You Risk Staple Surgery?

One of the dreaded things many piles sufferers go through is considering the possible need for surgery to combat a highly inflamed piles. Although there are several methods for surgery one can take, it is usually dependent on the severity of the case, your doctors medical opinion and how quickly you need to recover.

As one of the most common forms of surgery for prolapsed internal piles, it is the method usually used for grade 2 or 3 and in some cases grade 4 piles. It is an alternative to hemorrhoidectomy, which is usually carried out for extreme cases (grade 4 piles).

This surgery involves the removal of excess piles tissue, which usually has no nerve fibres so the surgery is some what less painful than other methods of surgery. The idea behind this is that there is less blood getting to the problematic hemorrhoid, which should help the hemorrhoid reduce in size overtime.

Many people have had great success with this surgery however many have not and found that their piles return, sometime more worse than before.

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