Cure For Piles-Natural Hemorrhoid Cures

Symptoms of Piles

Piles also known as hemorrhoids can be a troublesome illness and therefore it is vital you know the symptoms of piles in order to treat them before they get chronic.

The most common symptoms are listed below:

  • Bleeding from the anus – Swollen piles can bleed as bright red blood in drops just after passing a stool, the blood may also splash into the toilet bowl making the person panic about the loss of blood. Sometimes the persons undergarments can be stained by streaks of blood.
  • Swollen piles that are pink and blue coloured can start to protrude out of the anus like a bunch of grapes (Also known as external piles). This is one of the most common symptoms of piles.
  • Sharp pain – Swollen piles can usually create a burning, stabbing or throbbing feeling, which can make the person tired and difficult to sit down and relax.
  • You might also feel a lump or discomfort in your anus when passing a stool.
  • Some itching around the anus can also occur.
  • You may start to get severe pain or aching around the anus and lower rectum, which can mean the piles have become very swollen.
  • You may also feel as though something is moving down the anus.
  • Mucus can also seep down from the piles causing irritation and more itching.
  • You may get a regular feeling that your bowels have not completely emptied even after a bowel movement.